Why Knowing Your Path is important?

Young people’s careers have remained stagnant since 2000.
Gender role and the societal difference play a big role in shaping their expectations.

Just think how our world would’ve looked like if every one of these individuals were able to explore the opportunities, they should’ve in the first place.

But right now, too many people can’t realize their goal and are unable to contribute for their own communities.

Worldwide, over 200 million kids are not in school; and those who are, feel like they are lacking the skills that they need. Many are affected by poor living conditions, living their lives in fear.

We are looking forward to creating a world where every individual learns without fear and gains the skills and knowledge which they actually need to thrive.

Education plays a vital role in shaping these trends. Our economies are turning into a global economy, and everything is becoming interconnected, and we need to teach our generation about these changes and about all these new trends and opportunities. With the help of technology now we can reach people regardless of their social background and teach them about all these opportunities and hope for a better future.