India's Youth

 Around the globe, it is said that youth is the future of the country. But we don’t even know that millions of children around the world did not get education, food and every other resource to live a life. Everybody wants to be part of the change, but nobody wants to face the struggles and obstacles that need to be handled behind the change. A single person can’t change the world but he can contribute his efforts and dedication to transform a new India. Sometimes, when we think about the situations in India which is really pathetic in terms of healthcare, education and other resources. There is a shortage of resources for child education, sometimes it might be a caste system which is not acceptable and leads to illiteracy. We will be the best countries in the world in the upcoming future and will be called “Golden Bird of India” again. We have come so far after independence be it in technology and start-up culture. But we are still very far from becoming a developed country. It will take out dedication, efforts, persistence, consistency and etc. to help others in any way possible.

As a volunteer at Revamp India, a great initiative taken by change makers by organizing campaigns, cloth drives, donations, events, speeches, etc. throughout schools and colleges to inspire and be aware the youth about their rights is just incredible. I’m grateful to be a part of the change and want every person who is reading to be a part of something that will help our country to be the ” Golden Bird of India” again. As well as it will help an individual to feel contentment. It’s said that if you add only a little to a little and do this often, soon that little will become great.